This is how we pick teams at ICC. Image by Groovyguru at

This is how we pick teams at ICC. Image by Groovyguru @ Flickr

The Official Launch

I know you’ve all been waiting for a long time, asking yourselves, “when will this damn blog be up? I have soooo many server problems!” Well, I have good news for you, fellow Nerds – today is your day.

Today, we celebrate the launch of Sever Problems Solved, your new favorite publication dedicated to finding practical solutions to frustrating server problems!

Who are you guys? What are you doing here?

We’re glad you asked.

This blog is presented on behalf of the good folks at International Computer Concepts (aka. ICC). Since 1993, we’ve been building servers and supporting a wide variety of clients including hosters, government, research/universities, start ups, end ups, and everybody in between.

This blog is our opportunity to hit many birds with 1 stone:

  1. Give the IT community a reliable and thorough resource for answers relating to the most frustrating and relevant hardware problems.
  2. Engage our readers to uncover and resolve community wide concerns as they crop up.
  3. And hopefully, by using this resource, you’ll come to like us, and will consider us for future IT hardware purchases. If not, that’s ok too. We appreciate your eyeballs.

You Mentioned an Internship?

You bet. And its paid!

In order to deliver quality content on a consistent basis, we want to build a team of trusty interns who will help synthesize the collective wisdom of our company into a stream of articles.

Are you always tinkering with computers and technology? Are you the go-to guy/girl for all of your friends’ computer problems? Do you find yourself thinking “Damn, that’s dumb,” when you see technology being misused? If so, we may need to talk.

See the complete job description and instructions on how to apply.

Before you leave!

Thanks for checking out the very first post on this blog. We’re really excited to help you solve your server problems.

Please subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter to keep up with our articles. Also, if you click the “Tweet This” button below and help us spread the word, we would be unspeakably thankful.

Having server problems? Want to request an article? Let us know in the comments below. If not, just say “hi” so we know you’re out there.

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