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Wow, it’s been so long since this blog was updated that I can barely clear the cobwebs as I type this post. Just joking, of course.

While this blog was operational, it was an emerging resource for IT people (and also those not so knowledgeable in electronics) to learn more about computers, have their questions answered, and their server problems solved.

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This is how we pick teams at ICC. Image by Groovyguru at

This is how we pick teams at ICC. Image by Groovyguru @ Flickr

The Official Launch

I know you’ve all been waiting for a long time, asking yourselves, “when will this damn blog be up? I have soooo many server problems!” Well, I have good news for you, fellow Nerds – today is your day.

Today, we celebrate the launch of Sever Problems Solved, your new favorite publication dedicated to finding practical solutions to frustrating server problems!

Who are you guys? What are you doing here?

We’re glad you asked.

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