Wow, it’s been so long since this blog was updated that I can barely clear the cobwebs as I type this post. Just joking, of course.

While this blog was operational, it was an emerging resource for IT people (and also those not so knowledgeable in electronics) to learn more about computers, have their questions answered, and their server problems solved.

I have taken over for the former blogmaster, Alex Pyatetsky, and will continue the good work that he has begun here. My name is Alex as well (confusing, yes).

I’ll begin by linking to a few posts in our other blog, the International Computer Concepts (ICC) company blog. The idea behind running two blogs simultaneously is that our company blog will be for general current events pertaining to servers, HPC, new technologies and the like. This blog,, will be more for introductions to new technology (like the introduction to IPMI post below) and issues related to, well, solving server problems.

So, without further adieu, I invite you to check out our introduction to InfiniBand post on the ICC blog. Also, if you are interested about how GPU (graphics-processing unit) servers are making supercomputers affordable for everybody, see that post as well.

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