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In the resources section of the International Computer Concepts website, I have posted a guide about populating DDR3 RAM memory on a motherboard.  While it may seem simple, there are actually a few concepts to consider when deciding which memory kit to purchase for a server. The guide outlines the three key factors of RAM memory performance and also describes several sample memory configurations based on the intended usage of the server.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the essentials about choosing memory kits and populating memory DIMMs, then check out the ICC Memory Population Guide.

The Green Grid, a leader in energy efficiency standards for data centers, has recently updated their PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) metric that they came out with in 2007 and have outlined the new benchmarks in a white paper titled, “Recommendations for Measuring and Reporting Overall Data Center Efficiency“.

PUE is defined by the total data center energy consumption or power divided by the IT energy consumption or power. So, the lower the resulting variable, the higher the energy efficiency of the data center because more of the total energy is being used for its intended function – to power the IT equipment – rather than to cool the servers, provide lighting, support infrastructure, etc.

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Wow, it’s been so long since this blog was updated that I can barely clear the cobwebs as I type this post. Just joking, of course.

While this blog was operational, it was an emerging resource for IT people (and also those not so knowledgeable in electronics) to learn more about computers, have their questions answered, and their server problems solved.

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Malfunctioning servers are more than a nuisance — they often result in upset customers, employees, and/or lost money. One of the most critical jobs of IT is to ensure that the servers are functioning properly and wonderfully and will continue to do so. IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) seeks to become the new standard for this task. Today, I’m going to go tell you about this marvelous technology which has enabled sys admins to remotely monitor their herd back at the server farm. And despite the variety of servers within their flock, they can effectively monitor all the beasts from a single interface. We will show its advantages over traditional diagnostic software and give a brief rundown of how it functions. I’ll also tell you a few of the drawbacks that this growing technology has.

Let’s begin.

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Inside the New Platform

In the previous article, we explored just how fast the i7 is and realized that it will not be a cheap upgrade. Today, we will see what Supermicro has brought to the table with its motherboard line-up for the i7.

To this day, there is only one chipset that supports the Core i7 processor (Intel x58), which Supermicro has introduced on eight new motherboards. In addition to the x58 chipset, the new boards will include an improved SATA Raid controller (Intel ICH10R) with at least six SATA ports. All boards will also share up to 24GB of DDR3 memory support and two Intel Gigabit LAN ports. Below, we discuss many of the other model-specific features that Supermicro brings us with this line.

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Intel’s Core i7 Unleashed

Intel Core i7 - That much better than Core 2 Duo?

In the world of micro processors, we consumers don’t have many options to choose from because two companies have dominated this market since 1969. In the competition between Intel and AMD, the two competing chip giants, Intel has been in the lead since 2006 when it created the Core 2 Duo platform. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Intel’s new platform, the Intel Core i7 on the X58 chipset, and discuss what exactly is different, why it’s the fastest commercial processor to date, and whether it’s worth the upgrade or not.

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This is how we pick teams at ICC. Image by Groovyguru at

This is how we pick teams at ICC. Image by Groovyguru @ Flickr

The Official Launch

I know you’ve all been waiting for a long time, asking yourselves, “when will this damn blog be up? I have soooo many server problems!” Well, I have good news for you, fellow Nerds – today is your day.

Today, we celebrate the launch of Sever Problems Solved, your new favorite publication dedicated to finding practical solutions to frustrating server problems!

Who are you guys? What are you doing here?

We’re glad you asked.

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